I wanted to thank you for your wonderful classroom experience on guided imagery and hypnosis to my N4325/5325 Complimentary Therapies class. The students here at the University of Central Arkansas said you were ‘awesome’. You did a fantastic job of both keeping their attention and enlightening them!! We appreciate your excellent education about the mind-body connection. The students had very little exposure to this information previously.

Also, thanks for generating enthusiasm about the increasing importance and growing research base for the implementation of guided imagery and hypnosis in healthcare. We look forward to another class in the Spring 08. The students said it was a great learning experience!

  • – Sheila S., RN, APN, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Nursing
    University of Central Arkansas

Dr. Taylor, I would like to let you know what a a great experience I had being hypnotized. I have never had it done before. You made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. The discussion before we started to make clear what issue I wanted addressed. I now have been to you twice for different situations, the first was business related. I wanted a more positive successful invite and follow up. I now have that. The second was for my real estate licensing exam. I have not taken a test in over 30 years and I was very tense and nervous and was afraid I would not pass. You helped me get focused on my studying. I went into the test with all the confidence that I would pass. I passed both sections on the first time. Thank you again Dr. Taylor.

  • – Jean N.

I asked Dr. Taylor to help me with reading speed and comprehension. Since my session, I have cut my study time to nearly 1/2 of that prior to hypnosis – my reading “skills” are greatly improved. I would strongly recommend to anyone wishing to improve in this area to give Dr. Taylor an opportunity to help them.

  • – Joe H.

I was hypnotized by Dr. Jon M. Taylor to lose weight with the incentive to stop drinking Cokes. On a daily basis I usually had 7-8 cokes per day. Since my session, which has been 3 weeks, I have had 2 cokes and I lost 9 pounds in the first week. I lost 1.5 pounds the second week and 5 pounds the 3rd week. I feel better, have more energy and have been able to get into some jeans I haven’t had on in almost 2 years. I tell everyone that my daily listening to my CD is like having a massage. 
At the time of hypnosis I was having a terrible time with IBS. Stopping the cokes have helped greatly but I still have periodic problems with it. I’m seriously considering going back for that session because I’m now a firm believer in hypnosis.

  • – KH

I smoked 3 packs a day for 29 years and was told by my doctor that if I didn’t quit I would get COPD. I quit smoking without any withdrawal symptoms with the assistance of Dr. Jon Taylor.

  • – Diane D.

I quit (smoking) after seeing a friend suffer through lung cancer. I had smoked for 18 years and had tried to quit at least 5 times. Others in my family and at work smoke as well so I felt trapped and had little support to stop. My doctor prescribed Wellbutrin and Chantrix, and nicorette gum but I had no success. My habit was stronger than my willpower to stop. I learned about hypnosis after talking with a friend who quit (smoking) after a two-hour session with Dr. Taylor. I had to see her in person to believe it. My friend was a non-smoker! Later that month I set an appointment and I am a non-smoker! I have no cravings or urges to smoke the way I used to…..

  • – Marion H.