Hypnosis is not a black art.   And at no time are you unconscious or asleep.  Hypnosis is not mind control.  Never will you do anything against your will or reveal secrets. A strange looking ball or watch is not waved near your face.   And, of course, its impossible to somehow ‘get stuck’ in hypnosis as you are always aware of everything being said and done.

 Please note that no reputable and honest hypnotherapist will make the claim, “100% guaranteed results”, or, “magically lose 30 lbs and 30 days” or something equally unreasonable.    An often exaggerated claim, ‘stop smoking effortlessly in one day or your money back’ is unfortunately advertised all to often in print and electronic media.  These types of advertisements are at best humorous and at worse,   misleading and false.

Fortunately, we do know the subconscious, when appropriately and positively guided, affords someone a significant resource for making life’s most difficult changes.  Hypnosis as a practical, specialized protocol for reinforcement boasts remarkable results.

Hypnosis will not grow more hair but the success rate for cessating habits such as smoking and tobacco usage is well above average.   Many other aggravations such as anxiousness when public speaking and out of control feelings when flying in an airplane are easily curbed and even eliminated in most clients.  A miracle?  No.  A powerful tool which works effectively and rapidly for anyone wanting to invest in a positive life change?  Yes!

 I’m sometimes asked the skeptical question, “is hypnosis evil or of the occult?   Frankly, the answer is NO.  I would not be involved with hypnosis in any way if that were true. Unfortunately, hypnosis has been associated with other things and persons not reflective of moral and ethical behavior upheld in the majority of professional hypnosis practices.    Nothing in the bible indicates concern for hypnosis.  To the contrary, guided meditation, silent and spoken, is repeatedly used in the Bible.  The language, symbolism and context is different but the methodology and intent are mostly similar.

 For some, hypnosis is commonly associated as a near form of guided prayer.   Others  say hypnosis is a highly relaxed state of conscious detachment so that the subconscious mind can be re-trained (Nuero Linguistic Programming).   However its described, hypnosis is a natural phenomena and gift that most everyone can experience.

Ordinary and often unidentified examples of hypnosis include driving down the road and you miss your exit.  Simple self-hypnosis occurs when reading a newspaper and you completely lose track of time, or when you watch a movie and burst into laughter or shed a tear.  You have strongly identified with the plot and actors as your conscious mind is temporarily ‘released and relaxed’ and the metaphorical doors of your subconscious open wide;  affording the opportunity to see, hear, touch and even smell the imprinting of our past.

Many healing professions including dentists and physicians use hypnosis to help patients.   I’ve observed persons of all backgrounds, cultures and faiths who greatly benefit from well informed, trained and mentored hypnotherapists.   At Little Rock Hypnosis a friendly, warm and caring and environment is paramount.  We are committed to caring for you, our guest and client as we also serve Arkansas and five surrounding states.

Approved by the American Medical Association in 1958 as a safe and effective tool, hypnosis is more widely used today than any other time in history. Most everyone knows someone who has quit smoking, lost weight or received some benefit from hypnosis. It is a wonderful

wellness tool.   If you are committed to a decision to change, then everyone . . . children, teens and adults can achieve their desired and specialized goal through grounded and informed hypnosis.