Can I experience Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is experienced by everyone, everyday.  Have you ever driven to your home and missed the turn while listening to your favorite song on the radio? Or, have you been so engaged in a great movie or wonderful book that you ‘tune out’ and ‘turn off’ everything else?  In essence, this is a lite state of hypnosis.  Yes, hypnosis is a wonderful experience and you can experience it!

You will use headphones and state of the art electronic audio equipment in your hypnotism. I will blend my computer-enhanced voice with special music and complex suggestions that will teach your unconscious mind to change. Both the music you will hear and my voice will be “pulsed” with a special beat that will assist you in achieving a deep state of self-hypnosis where wonderful things are possible. Throughout the experience you will be monitored by electronic sensors that will show exactly what techniques work for you. With trial and error eliminated, we achieve results rapidly. I am a leader in the world of the hypnotic arts and sciences and have won its highest awards and recognition. There is no more powerful system of professional hypnotism available anywhere in the world.

Will hypnosis work for me? 
Hypnosis is a natural phenomena and when used skillfully by an individual who is exceptionally trained, credentialed and experienced in the science and art of hypnosis, the results are significant.   Old habits are forgotten and released. New skills and the reformation of positive behavioral change become the rule rather than the exception.  Hypnosis will work for you.

I’ve seen and heard unrealistic claims about hypnosis…is hypnosis something I can trust? 
Hypnosis, like gravity, is real.   It’s not hypnosis that you can or cannot trust, rather it’s the integrity, experience and caring of the hypnotherapist who must be trusted.      When you hear claims such as, “loose 30 pounds in 40 days” or ‘’guaranteed hypnosis or your money back”, be very cautious.   Yes, hypnosis works but in realistic and healthy ways.   Hypnosis is highly effective, but choose your hypnotist with care.    Use this website to learn more about hypnosis and explore the internet for qualified and well-trained individuals who practice hypnosis.

You are known for getting results quickly. How do you do that?
First, hypnotism is a short-term intervention. We are usually able to help with a problem quickly as we by-pass the conscious mind which is where resistance to change tends to be. Second, people who do psychotherapy often find it appropriate to explore issues beyond those that the client identified as a problem when the client came for help. This may be appropriate for psychotherapy, but it is not appropriate for hypnotism. In hypnotism the center of control must always remain with the client. Therefore, we work on what you came for, and we stay on target.

Is hypnosis a professionally accepted practice? 
Yes.  Hypnosis has been approved by the AMA since 1958.

Can a hypnotized person be made to do something he or she doesn’t want to do? 
No! Hypnotism is something a person does himself or herself. It is logically impossible for someone to do something against their consciously chosen values, morals or ethos.

As a demonstration of this, reflect that hypnotism has existed as a body of technique for more than 200 years. If it were possible to use hypnotism to make people do things they didn’t want to do, hypnotists would be running the world. The fact that we are not indicates that hypnotism cannot be used for coercive purposes.

What hypnotism can do is enable a person to overcome resistance to doing what needs to be done in order to achieve what that person wants to achieve. It can help you get out of your own way and become successful, and it can help you stimulate your own natural healing power by soothing away the worries that interfere with that power. Hypnosis has been approved by the AMA since 1958.

How are hypnotists trained? 
There are three large hypnotism organizations in the United States, and many small ones. The largest organization is the National Guild of Hypnotists, which is also the oldest. National Guild of Hypnotists certified practitioners undergo a standardized training program, typically delivered by certified faculty at a state-licensed hypnotism school. Upon passing a standard examination a person can be certified as a hypnotist. Many practitioners then undergo an internship or period of mentoring by a senior practitioner. My own internship lasted two solid years. After practicing general hypnotism for a minimum of one year a hypnotist may sit for the Board Certification Examination, which is an advance practice oral and written examination given by a peer group four times a year around the country.

If successful, a hypnotist who has been Board Certified may sit for the Fellow examination after three more years of study. The Fellow examination is also peer reviewed, and requires writing an original dissertation on some aspect of the hypnotic arts and sciences and defending it before an examining committee. The Fellow exam also requires one submit a video of a hypnotism session with a client (who has given permission for the session to be recorded) and passing a peer review about how the session was handled. There is no more rigorous credential for the professional practice of hypnotism then becoming a Fellow of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

What is the professional service fee?
$250.00   In the first hour, Dr. Taylor learns more about you and your specific goal, challenge or behavior you chose to improve.  Basically, it’s a chance for you and Dr. Taylor to become acquainted.  Respect, rapport and trust of your hypnosis professional is important!
In the second hour, you begin your hypnosis session.  (After the intake, it’s your choice to continue into the second session.  If you and/or Dr. Taylor decide not to continue, you are not charged for the 1st hour intake session.)

Do I receive anything besides hypnosis? 
Yes!  You will receive educational materials and instruction about your particular goal and how you are to gain the maximum benefit from your hypnosis session.  Important:  You receive a CD recording of your session as well as detail instructions about how to use it.

What should I except upon arriving at Taylor Hypnosis? 
You will be warmly greeted by Dr. Jon Taylor.  You are VERY IMPORTANT and treated with exemplary care and respect. First you will be asked to complete a brief but standard information sheet.   Then, the conversation begins about you and your goals.

Do you accept credit cards, cash and checks? 
Yes.  Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express. Checks and cash are accepted.

Is there a guarantee?
No.  Just as you would not expect a lifetime guarantee after treating an illness or accident, no guarantees are made by reputable hypnotists or hypnotherapists.   It’s important to remember that hypnosis is a subjective experience.   Hypnosis works but the determining factor of its success is the ‘subjective choice to change’ is made by the client.  In almost all cases, persons are using hypnosis are successful and maximize their fullest potential through hypnosis because of their significant desire for change.