Dr. Jon M. Taylor has served 24 years as an ordained Christian minister.   With significant pastoral care and counseling experience and having served thousands of persons in large and small congregations, Dr. Taylor (Jon) now practices as a certified and exceptionally skilled hypnotherapist at Taylor Hypnosis.

Jon’s credentials and achievements include:

  • • A., West Texas State University, Canyon, TX  1980
  • • Th., Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX  1984
  • • Post-Internship Certification, Cambridge University, U.K. 1986
  • • Min., Drew University, Madison, NJ 1991
  • • Adjunct President, North Katanga University, D.R, Congo, Africa 1994- Present
  • • Certified Hypnotist, National Guild of Hypnotist 2007
  • • Graduate of Arkansas School of Hypnotherapy 2007

Far more important than titles or awards, Jon’s talents as a hypnotherapist are sought by large numbers of persons desiring to achieve their most cherished goals and fearlessly seeking to release the tightening noose of a “habit, hurt or hang-up”.

In a recent article describing what hypnosis “is and isn’t”, Jon wrote:

Chances are you have experienced hypnosis and didn’t know it. Have you driven down the road daydreaming and miss your street or exit? Have you ever been engrossed in a good book or movie and not hear the phone ring or someone call your name?  Or, have you ever been known to day dream even in a crowded room of busy and noisy people? These are a few examples everyday hypnosis.  Hypnosis and the ways we experience it is as real as gravity.

Hypnosis is not what often is portrayed in films, television or stage shows.   Rather, hypnosis is a heightened state of suggestibility that relaxes your conscious mind and allows your subconscious to be ‘re-tuned’ or ‘upgraded like a hard drive’ so that profound, positive changes can happen.

Hypnosis is fun and relaxing and the results are amazing.  And the world changing  power of positive suggestions made to the subconscious mind is traced throughout modern, biblical and ancient history.

Hypnosis is not a black art
  And at no time are you unconscious or asleep.  Hypnosis is not mind control.

I use hypnotism to help people become successful by making profound changes in their lives, and I also help people who are medically ill use the power of their mind to heal.

Individual hypnotic work is the very top of my menu of professional services. I work with the most challenging cases: people with personal problems that seem not to go away, or people who have life changing medical problems. This sort of work requires a substantial level of focus, training and time. However, the improvement my clients experience in their lives and relationships can be astounding. If you need to gain control over a habit or a fear, adjust your lifestyle, strengthen your self-esteem, enhance a relationship or seek to avoid making the same mistakes in a new relationship, I can help. In cases involving a medical problem I may need to consult your physician. I will arrange for this consultation after meeting with you. Often I can help when no one else can.

On a personal note, I’m happily married to my beautiful wife, Marty.   As a family, we are involved in school, church and community.   Our four sons, Jonathan, Christopher, John and Jackson are true joys of our life.    We love living in Little Rock and are proud to be Arkansans!   Boating, swimming, walking and sight-seeing are a few hobbies we enjoy.

If you are seeking to break an annoying or unhealthy habit or perhaps to begin a needed life-changing experience, hypnosis is an invaluable tool.*   With professional assistance, hypnosis will be an extraordinary investment that assists you to make a real difference!    Just call or email and I look forward to our meeting.